Marijuana Age Verify for WordPress

Take the guesswork out of cannabis website age verification.

Age gate your marijuana website or CBD store with a good looking, responsive popup window. Marijuana Age Verify is a popup plugin built for WordPress with everything you need in the standard (free) plugin, available for installation from the WordPress plugin directory. Upgrade to the Premium plugin for advanced features, including translation and branding, plus tech support with 5 Star Plugins world-class dev team in the United States. Upgrading is 100% optional.

Free 14-Day Trial (risk-free, no credit card)

Start your trial by installing the free marijuana age verification plugin, then click on the free trial link.

You will not be asked for a credit card or need to cancel a subscription when the trial is over. 

So easy, anyone can do it.

No design or coding required. Anyone can seriously get up and running in minutes. The plugin is simple to set-up on your existing website. We designed an uncomplicated backend to make it easy to set-up using turnkey options for medical and recreational marijuana websites. Visit the FAQ for details on how marijuana age verification it works.

Our cannabis age checker was designed in English for medical or recreational cannabis age compliance in the United States and Canada. It can be customized for any country using the Marijuana Age Verify Premium. Self translation requires inserting your own text in our user-friendly dashboard. Still, no design or coding required!

Want to see screenshots?

Unique features for cannabusiness.

There are other nice free and paid age verify tools out there. We found that they need some configuration and guesswork for cannabis, were not modern or professional looking, or didn’t have all of the features standard for good user experience online. Marijuana Age Verify is cannabis-ready right out of the box.

Special features thoughtfully incorporated:

  • Visitors see  a fullscreen window with no way around it because close, scroll or bypass is disabled.
  • Modern yes / no button format with an elegant transparent background that does not conflict with your website design.
  • SEO friendly, mobile responsive and ADA compliant.
  • Turnkey options to verify medical or recreational. Including age 18+ or 21+in the U.S. and 19+ for Canada.
  • Default copywriting included for free using industry standards and best practices.
  • Opt to let customers bypass verification with Premium return visitor cookies.
  • Brand it! Add a logo, headline and your colors using Premium.
  • Translate it and customize default text using Premium.
  • No limit to page views or impressions.
  • Absolutely no third-party ads or logo to remove in the free standard version.

World-Class Support from the U.S.

This plugin is developed and supported in the United States under our 5 Star Plugins brand. Standard plugin users get free support through the forum. The upgraded plugin provides Premium email support.

Need help installing or using the plugin? Get free support.

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